Recording Journals: The Making of the No Schedule Man CD

Recording Journal Volume 15: “Lucky”

By October 2, 2009No Comments

Well, boy, we made some progress today. It is amazing to sit back and watch KG work and apply different textures to different songs. Nine times out of ten, he nails it, no matter how out in left field the song might be. And on that rare tenth occasion when he’s off a little bit, he always finds the right way given a little collaboration.

What a talent. Seriously. It’s a privilege to watch.

Naturally, the privilege is mine, watching KG work his magic on songs that I wrote. Today, he layered some spot-on ideas on the songs “Awake (But Not Alive)” and “Hope Over Hurt”. Both tunes, while vastly different in style and feel, make me very excited about where we’re headed. It’s a rare thing when you can hear a song in your head and be excited about it, only to be able to hear it a slightly different way than you’d imagined and be even more excited about it. Such was the case today with both songs.

The piano part KG is playing for “Hope Over Hurt” brings some vintage Billy Joel to mind. And yet it works for the song. It’s the kind of “fist-in-the-air; let’s-take-on-the-world” kind of feel that the song was going for, times ten.

Meantime, “Awake (But Not Alive)” is as sombre a song as there will be on the record. It is more or less and unapologetic statement of my opinion that we, as a society, are a long, long way from reaching anything close to our potential. And Kev found the right feel for it. Nailed it. I can’t wait to play that song live. It’s the kind of tune that is very melodic and yet, if you let yourself really feel it and be honest with yourself, it may make you squirm just a little.

On top of that, we had our usual round of laughs. It really is the best medicine.

I’m lucky and I know it.

– Kevin

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