Recording Journals: The Making of the No Schedule Man CD

Recording Journal, Volume 19: “Back on Track?”

By November 8, 2009No Comments

We managed to get the train somewhat back on track this week. Given that I was still fighting a cold/flu or some other such malady, I still wasn’t able to do much at the beginning of the week, but KG and I did get together for studio session one evening early in the week. And to be honest, I can’t even remember what we worked on. I think we mostly just listened to what we’d done, reviewed our thoughts, traded a few ideas and then called it a night. There may have been more work on “Bagley Avenue” that night. I honestly can’t recall. Strange.

What I do remember from Monday was attending and singing at a funeral, and in particular, singing a song I wrote just for that occasion. It was a sombre yet inspirational occasion, and I perhaps will go into the circumstances at greater length another day.

For now, I it’s enough to let you know that the tune (“Song for Sean” – see last week’s blog for the lyrics) apparently did the job. I was very touched to have received immediate feedback from the family that they found the song completely appropriate and a fine tribute to a life well-lived. That means more to me than I can possibly tell you.

As a result, when my cold cleared and I was finally able to actually sing again (I rasped it out as best I could at the funeral, but my mouth has never been so dry), KG and I stopped the presses on our own music project and spent our entire end-of-the-week session trying to capture “Song for Sean” on tape. I was pleased with the results and we expect to have it done so you can hear it this coming week. And then we will get back to the rest of the project.

Somehow, this other matter seemed more important.

More to come.

– Kevin

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