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Recording Journal Volume 20: “Song for Sean”

By November 15, 2009No Comments

It was quite a remarkable week. After posting “Song for Sean” (which is explained in the letter on the front of my MySpace page), I was astounded to watch a landslide of feedback pour in to me from people who appreciated the song. In my little corner of the world, it was the biggest deal of anything I’ve done in music (and I’ve been lucky enough to have songs played on the radio, performed on TV and to perform in front of thousands of people). The thing that made it so special was how personally and sincerely people wrote to me. I received an extraordinary amount of feedback, to the extent that I was almost embarrassed by it.

Some snippets:

“Truly an amazing song for an inspirational person.”
“Your song gives a peace that only happens occasionally.”
“A beautiful and moving song- it put me to tears.”
“To tell you the truth I was a wee bit misty eyed when I listened to you sing last night … what a beautiful song.”
“I think you wrote a really beautiful song.  I like how it’s not only about Sean, but a message to his loved ones that wherever he is, he’s fine and things happen for a reason even if those reasons aren’t understood right away.”

“The song you wrote for Sean is unbelievable.”

“Well – in just minutes, the song has spread like wild fire – you have fans for life!”

“Very touching. It was very powerful and yet soft at the same time, thank you.”
“A beautiful song, absolutely a true tribute to a wonderful person. I have listened to all of your songs on Myspace and cannot wait for the release of your CD.”
“The first time I heard it at the funeral, I sobbed thru it. This time I truly thought it was a beautiful tribute to a young man.”
“Powerful and Delicate at the same time. Truly beautiful.”

“A beautiful song. A comfort for those left here, saddened by Sean’s passing, but joyful for having known him and relieved that his pain has ended.”

Honestly, all I really set out to do was a small favour for a friend at a very difficult time for him. I never intended it to turn into anything more than that, but this what has happened. I am deeply touched and humbled that so many have found comfort in the song.

Ironically, “Song for Sean” was something that happened at the spur of the moment. I did not intend for it to be included on the CD that Kevin Gorman and I are working at. But after this week, it seems clear I better put that song on the disc, otherwise I’ll have some explaining to do.

Speaking of the CD, we did get back to business on that project late this week. Buoyed by the feedback we received for “Song for Sean,” KG and I felt like, “Hey – maybe we can do this and some people might like it.” I realize that sounds silly, but it’s impossible to know how people are going to react to your creations before you put it out there. You just never know.

Having said that, I feel pretty confident that we’re zeroing in on a group of songs I’ll be proud to share. My goal at the outset was to end up with a keepsake and a set of songs that I’ll enjoy listening to. If anyone else likes it, great. If not, well, that will be okay too. At least I’ll have it.

Ironically, the song we chose to work on is a jumpy little acoustic number called “Everything’s Just Fine.” It’s a song I wrote back in 2004 at a time I felt conflicted about accepting some of the things I perceived as “bad” (the failing health of my grandfather; the general circumstances that less-fortunate people have to face) while celebrating and enjoying the things I feel are “good.” The thought is that if we are willing to acknowledge that, sooner or later, we’ll all go through our rough patches, then it only stands to reason that we are all going to go through our good times as well. The song is an affirmation of the idea that life goes on and, despite what the newsmakers might try to tell us, it’s not all bad:

“These days go by in an instant
Life is good, and then it isn’t
But the world and time keep spinnin’
And so will I
‘Cause there are times
When everything’s just fine”

It’s an appropriate song given the events of this past week. And I look forward to sharing it – and many others – as soon as I possibly can.

– Kevin

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