What a week. Things are really cooking in the land of CPT Entertainment. And if it were not for that, I would not be able to do all the things that make this MySpace page exist. Yes, I am very grateful. But I also work hard. Too hard. And the last couple of weeks have been a grind; Full days. Brain set on overdrive. Nights. Weekends.

Whatever it takes.

I think the key is being able to identify when to pull back and when to mash the throttle.

Right now, I’ve got the pedal through the floorboard.

To that end, on the music front, KG (Kevin Gorman) and I are smart (stupid?) enough to see that we’ve got some momentum going, so we’re picking up the pace in an effort to draw closer to completing my first full-length CD. We’ve been chipping at it since late June. Because of our respective busy schedules, it is a challenge to find time to get together on a regular basis. But we are now at the point where we can see what this project might become. So we are reaching for our second (or third … or fourth) wind and looking for a kick to the finish.

Don’t get me wrong. It will be weeks (possibly even a few months) yet before we’ve completed the album. But for the first time in this months-long process, I think we both now recognize the potential results. We can see the end. And, of course, the fun of reaching the “end” is that it’s really just a new beginning.

We’re excited about that too.

KG and I managed to get together a few times this week. We recorded the final guitar parts for six songs that will be on our CD. We also recorded the guitar and voiceover for a radio commercial that will air next week to advertise my company’s “CPT Racing Experience” motorsports trade show event.

The songs we put the guitar to for our CD this week: “South Carolina,” “Do Better,” “Kevin’s Prayer,” “No Schedule Man,” “Orlando” and “Awake (But Not Alive).” For the most part, I surprised myself (and KG, I think) at how quickly I was able to lock into the rhythm and get workable stuff recorded within a take or two. I can honestly say that the most trouble I had was in the beginning and end of “Awake,” which is funny because it’s not at all difficult (nothing I play is). But it got into my head and I had a tough time with it.

If I remember correctly, we magnetized the guitar for “Carolina” and “Do Better” in one take.

“Orlando” is a workout for me guitar-wise. Because I don’t play as much as I should, my thumb cramps during songs with a lot of bar chords, which is what I do in that song. I start the tune way up on the eighth fret (“C”) and then jump to F and G up on the eighth and tenth fret (5th-string root) in the verses and then transition back down to the standard chords in the pre-chorus and chorus. A “real” guitar player would not find that difficult in any respect. But it wears me out, and likely will until I play regularly for a while.

In any event, I think we got that song in two takes and it felt good. Now, we have three songs left for the guitar (four if you count re-cutting the guitar for “Song for Sean,” which I think we will) and then we will move to recording vocals. From there, KG will refine all his stuff (piano, percussion, bass, etc) and then we’ll see what we have.

CD artwork discussions are ongoing. A Kevin Bulmer Enterprises logo/symbol is in development. CPT Entertainment is chugging.

Times are good.

Frankly, I’m not surprised. Why? Well, we’ve had our sleeves rolled up and have been slugging away for a long, long time. It’s the only way to do it.

You stand in line for a lottery ticket if you like.

I’ll be working.


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