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Toes in the Twitter Pool. So Far … Not Bad

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Turns out, there is more good stuff out there online than I thought.

I’m both ashamed and excited to admit that.

Shut Up and TweetAt the suggestion of one of my local radio clients, I recently purchased and read Phil Pallen’s book, “Shut Up and Tweet.” I enjoyed it and found it helpful. Step by step, I’ve been implementing much of what Pallen suggests, for just as I like to get my radio advertising clients thinking outside of their own heads, I appreciate someone showing me a way to get outside of mine, especially when it relates to an area with which I’ve little expertise. Thanks to Pallen’s book, I’ve learned a lot in a short time.

I started a Twitter account back in 2009 but had left it largely dormant for the last many years. About a month or so ago, I finally decided it was time to make a more concerted effort to build a presence through social media, both for my own sake and so I would have more real-world experience to share with my other clients, as I get asked about Social Media a lot.

For me, it’s crawl, walk, run. But so far, so good.

Twitter profile
One of the reasons I’d stayed away from Twitter specifically was my perception that I’d be overwhelmed and discouraged by the sea of anonymous negativity I see from people on popular subjects. I want no part of that, and though I’m sure some share of it will come my way as my participation expands and grows, it’s clear to me that I had underestimated how many positive thoughts and helpful resources can be accessed online if one is only willing to look. In Pallen’s book, he makes a pretty solid case for using social media as a means of building your network and, as a result, expanding your potential for future business. It’s also a great way to find and meet new people who are sharing great experiences and doing good things.

So in addition to recommending Phil Pallen’s “Shut Up and Tweet” to anyone interested in exploring Twitter and brand marketing, I thought I’d share some other helpful things I’ve found just by implementing his recommended processes. I wasn’t expecting to find so much so fast, but I’m glad I have.

Here’s a summary from the last week:

“5 Ways to Let Go of Perfectionism and Still Excel at Anything”

I’ve long struggled with just letting go and allowing “good enough” to be “good enough.” I’m proud of the attention I pay to detail but can be honest in that I now recognize that I’ve allowed it to limit me at times, too. This article spoke to me quite clearly. A fine effort by the good folks at Huffington Post.

“Ray Bradbury on Creative Purpose in the Face of Rejection”
By Maria Popova

“The blizzard doesn’t last forever; it just seems so.”

We’re all prone to thinking others have it easier, and that we should be further along than we are at the present moment. I took comfort in these thoughts from the legendary Bradbury, thanks to Maria Popova, and the good folks at

“10 Tactics to Better Work-Life Balance” via Fizzle

Sadly (but thankfully), it took a divorce for me to understand and implement many of the things in this terrific article. For me, cliché as it may sound, nothing in business is anywhere near as enticing for me as simply being Dad to my two sons. More work can come later, when they’re older and so am I. If I were to die today, I’d have no regrets at all about how I’d prioritized my time with my kids first. There is no job title that, for me, can trump being “Dad.” But that’s just me.

This is a great article by the folks at

“8 Profound Life Lessons I Learned from a Year of Soul-Searching”
by Freeman LaFleur

Now 40 years of age, I’ve been searching my soul for many, many years. I’m still learning, and likely will always be. Point number two in this great article by Freeman LaFleur resonates with me particularly. What about you?

These are just some of the great pieces I’ve come across in the early going of looking for helpful, positive people with something valuable to share. I look forward to discovering more, and if you have suggestions of your own, please feel welcome to pass them along in the Comments section below.

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