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Who Else Wants To Be An Underdog?

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Who Else Wants To Be An Underdog? | Kevin BulmerI’m tired of being told I’m supposed to “position myself as an ‘expert’.”

No thanks.

I’ll ask a different question, as I did in my talk at momondays London on July 15:

Who else wants to be an UNDERDOG?

Geez … so many of us compare ourselves to “perfect” even though we can’t relate to it. What we relate to … is “real.” 

And what’s real is that we’re all underdogs in some area of our life or work. ⠀

But we keep getting asked, “What makes you an expert?” And then our communication devolves into this sort of robotic, paint-by-numbers “how-to” jargon as we try to position and prove ourselves to meet our imagined version of someone else’s expectations.


If you’re learning and growing and have something you’re trying to figure out … congratulations. You’re in the game. Keep digging.

The only person who needs your approval is the one you see in the mirror every morning. If you’re truly good with YOU, everything else will fall into place.

As you may know, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Especially when you’re being told to be an “expert.” ⠀

Everybody seems to like to cheer for an underdog. ⠀ ⠀

Far fewer are those who actually embrace being one.⠀ ⠀

I don’t get it.⠀ ⠀

Let’s let the “dogs” out.⠀

Kevin BulmerKevin Bulmer is the founder of No Schedule Man Brand Media and producer and host of the momondays London inspirational event series.

As a dynamic, down-to-earth and highly engaging professional speaker, it’s Kevin’s intention to uplift through a shared example of continual growth. He has a gift for helping people see themselves from a fresh perspective on matters related to mindset and effective marketing messaging. In both cases, it pretty much comes down to just being true to yourself … a principle which is fundamentally simple, but not necessarily easy to do.

To stay in touch with Kevin on a day-to-day basis, join his online personal growth support community, “The Turtle Tribe.” Membership is free for Kevin’s active email subscribers.

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