Song Blog Songs (click on the song title for video or mp3 file, lyrics and story behind the song):

Vol. 7:  Take This To Your Leader – November 30, 2016
Vol. 6: Redundancy
– October 1, 2016
Vol. 5: Crushed
– September 13, 2016
Vol. 4: Be Flat
– August 16, 2016
Vol. 3: Think of Yourself
– August 3, 2016
Vol. 2: Over & Over – June 6, 2016
Vol. 1: Broken Breath
– November 24, 2015

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About the “Song Blog:”

Inspired by my favourite musicians, I began writing songs in the early 90’s. Since then, I’ve written hundreds of them but have only recorded, released or publicly performed a handful so far.

Now that I’m getting older, I’m starting to appreciate a lot of the things I’ve written over the years. I’m haunted by some of it, and genuinely inspired by others. It’s kind of a neat feeling to look back on a lyric line I may have written 10 or 20 years ago and think, “How did I ever think of that?” And for the most part, I’ve been completely content to enjoy those moments all to myself, even though I have many friends and family who have been urging me for years to share more of the material.

Of course, I always figured I’d get around to releasing them someday, once I could afford to pay for musicians and studio time. Y’know, to do them “properly.” Well … a lot of times, “someday” never comes.

With that in mind, I’m coming to realize that these songs don’t really “live” anywhere. They’re in my head, or in binders, on notepads, in computer hard drives, on cell phones and old cassette tapes. Some can only be found in my guitar, but only when I choose to pick it up and play it. Alarmingly, I’ve come to the point where I’ve dozens of songs I can no longer even remember how to play. Since I never recorded them, or misplaced the recording at some point, some of the melodies are now lost to time. And I’ve decided that I don’t want that to happen anymore, and that I’d like for many of these songs to be collected and available somewhere, even if it’s just for me, my kids and my immediate family. After all, I’ll be gone one day too, you know. I’d like to put these songs down somewhere so they can outlast me. I also have come to really enjoy revisiting these works. It feels like it’s time to give them life.

For the blog, my plan for the moment is to create a video that will be posted on my YouTube channel and then placed here, where I’ll write a bit of a story about each song, include the lyrics and will, of course, welcome  your comments. Any time you’d like to check in to see how it’s going, just click on the “Song Blog” tab on the drop-down menu off the “Kevin’s Music” menu button, up above. I’ll add each song to that drop-down list, and link it from this page, as we go along.

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts, comments and suggestions here or on the YouTube channel or my Facebook page. We’ll see where it goes.

Thanks so much for reading.

Be well.