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5 Movie Themes To Supercharge Your Visualization

By November 11, 201616 Comments

VisualizationAsk just about anyone in the personal development field and they’ll likely suggest you make some form of visualization and affirmation a consistent part of each day. Imagining yourself as you wish to be is a powerful technique. Neuroscience has shown that your subconscious brain really doesn’t know the difference between what’s envisioned and what’s real, and the more actual feeling and emotion you can put behind your visions and affirmations, the more likely it is that you’ll be programming yourself to achieve and experience what you’re dreaming of today. That said, some people find the art of visualization more challenging than others. And even if you can imagine yourself as you’d some day like to be, how do you add feeling to it?

My suggestion: add music.

For the last many months, I’ve put some of the following well-known movie themes to great use. They evoke emotion in the films they represent, and they create images and pictures in my mind and amplify good feelings in my dreams and visions. Once I started cluing into how I was actually feeling when I would hear these pieces of music, I got the idea that if I were to speak affirmations along with them, I’d feel the words and ideas with more strength.

It works. It really does supercharge your visualization process. I invite you to try it.

There all kinds of wonderful movie themes and other glorious pieces of music that you can use. This is by no means a “best of” list. These are simply five movie themes that have been in heavy rotation in my playlist. They’ve been a help to me, so I thought I’d share. But by all means, please put your suggestions in the comments, below, and let’s get a empowering playlist going!

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  1. “Man of Steel” by Hans Zimmer

The first time I really listened to this particular theme without the visual context of the movie, I had just returned from a week away from work and responsibilities. I felt both a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation for having had the experience but also deep sadness that it had already gone by. I was caught in the space between having been fully present and engaged in that very special time and not yet having reentered the flow of everyday activity I had worked so hard to create prior to my project.

The quiet, reflective and even solemn beginning of this theme made me emotional. I thought of myself as a child, looking up at my current self and asking, “What the heck happened? How did we get so far off course?” I then imagined my child-like self assuring me that it was okay, we still had lots of time to pursue our dreams, as long as we got started right away.

I just happened to be looking in my bathroom mirror when it was playing though my little portable Bluetooth speaker that I use to enjoy music and podcasts as I start my day. As the anthem builds, I can literally feel my physiology starting to change. By the time the melody reaches its crescendo, you will feel, I mean literally feel, the strength and resilience welling up inside of you.

Zimmer’s work is a spot-on representation everything the Superman character represents, from intense personal vulnerability and reflection to the ultimate example of resilience, character, and strength.

If you are interested in building new positive ideas, associations and neural pathways, my strong recommendation is to play this thing in the morning. Look yourself in the eye with a mirror as you do it. As the music builds, say aloud any affirmations that you wish to embed into your being on the cellular level. It could be as simple as saying, “I am strong. I am healthy. I am happy. I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to do.” Say things like this to yourself with conviction while music like this plays, and see how you feel.

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I’m absolutely serious about this. I have recorded my own affirmations in my own voice and found that to be incredibly empowering. Then after a while, I added my voice over the top of music and engage with that through headphones at least once a day. Let me tell you … if you’re interested in really visualizing and feeling yourself becoming the person that you wish to be, try mixing empowering thoughts and words, with empowering music. You will feel it.

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2. “Raiders of the Lost Ark” by John Williams

The main melody line of this classic theme is instantly recognizable. It’s more playful and fun with even a hint of innocence to it. It gives me the impression that, like the main character of the film, Indiana Jones, I’ll somehow end up alright no matter what predicaments come my way. It reminds me that life is meant to be an adventure, that adventures are fun, and that I’ll sometimes run into trouble even though I’m not meaning to, but if I keep moving and keep trying, I’ll come through it.

I often listen to this song while I’m at the gym, and it usually makes me smile and press on at the same time.

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3. “Gonna Fly Now” by Bill Conti

This classic anthem from “Rocky” is also impossible not to recognize. It’s been burned into our collective psychology and immediately brings to mind visual and audible cues of the film’s protagonist running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, glugging back several raw eggs or shouting, “Yo Adrian” at the conclusion of the film.

Whether you like the “Rocky” films (I do) or boxing in general (I don’t like the violence of it), it’s almost impossible not to feel your spirit stirred up when you hear the iconic opening notes of this empowering theme. The blast of brass that begins the piece is a triumphant call-to-action. It’s a terrific motivator to put on your speaker or in your headphones whenever you need to give your positive visions and actions and extra boost.

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4. “The Medallion Calls” by Klaus Badelt

I absolutely love the soundtrack to all the of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, but I will always associate this anthem as the one that accompanies Captain Jack Sparrow’s on-screen arrival in the first movie. Standing straight and proud atop the mast of his boat as it slips beneath the waves on its way to a perfect Port Royal harbor landing, Captain Jack looks as if everything is just as it’s supposed to be. As with the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme, this one has a unique blend of power and playfulness.

I like to listen to this song when I’m getting ready to start exercising at the gym, or walking up to the floor where the exercise equipment is. I almost imagine it as my introduction music, even though I’m the only one hearing it. It stirs up my energy and raises my heartbeat a few ticks, but also puts me in a positive frame of mind. Not dissimilar to the “Raiders” song, this one gives me the sense that, like Captain Jack, I’ll sometimes run into trouble but there isn’t anything I haven’t been able to get through so far, and I’ll likely get through the next challenge as well. May as well have fun with it.

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5. “Superman” by John Williams

In 2015, I moved into a new place which my two sons dubbed “Super House.” That time coincided with my decision to stop drinking alcohol for good. It felt like a time in my life that I was really challenging myself to take another step forward, to be strong get flexible. We started gathering symbols with the Superman logo on it, keychains, a magnet for the fridge, and even a little Superman character to watch over the house.

As that process played out, I began to look at the Superman symbol and the “S” as something that could also stand for “sober.” I thought more about the original character and how he was so strong and capable yet he was often isolated and had to grapple with the idea of having to help people that were not necessarily kind to him or that you could argue did not necessarily deserve the help. His compassion is a key part of his strength.

This proved to be a very powerful vision for me to hold in my mind. I had long-since purchased a CD with a collection of John Williams’ most well-known film pieces, and this theme, from the original movies with Christopher Reeves as the title character, has always stirred my spirit, especially at the 3:18 mark. As noted above, I love the orchestral theme from the more recent “Man of Steel” movie as well, but for my tastes, this John Williams theme is a masterpiece that never fails to make my soul feel energized.

Put this music on and dream your dreams, and you will be sure to supercharge your visualization.

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Bonus – “Intention” by Kevin Bulmer and Kevin Gorman


One of my favourite affirmations I repeat to myself each day.

Many years ago, I took a crack at writing my own anthem. I came up with the melody and tasked my friend Kevin Gorman, who worked with me on my “No Schedule Man” CD, with putting it to music. I’ve always been proud of the result, even though I’d forgotten about it until very recently. Luckily, I was able to find it and have enjoyed using it to put behind my own personal affirmations. I’m happy to share it with you here and invite you to come back and use it if you think it might help!


Click this player to hear “Intention:”

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What Are Your Favourites?

What movie them or other piece of music do you recommend to supercharge your affirmations, visualization, dreams and visions? Please leave your suggestion in the comment section below. Thank you!


  • Godlove says:

    wow. wow. I love the way you have presented all the movie and their movie theme explanations . it is very clear, simple and enjoyable to go through and understand them.
    I personally love the fact that you included my favorite movie “pirates of the Caribbean”
    More grace to more post like this and thanks so much for you effort.

    • Kevin says:

      Thank you, Godlove. I appreciate those kind remarks, and am happy to connect with another “POTC” fan. Those films are a lot of fun.
      Wishing you all the best,

  • Owain says:

    This is a great idea to motivate and inspire yourself. I hadn’t thought about it before but it is certainly a great idea to try.

    Thanks you for giving us your top 5 and sharing how you feel about them. To me any movie from the 80s just makes me feel good. This is because I was a kid back then and I didn’t have the headaches I do now as an adult, lol. But seriously they put me in a good place as they remind me of good times.

    I’ll have to have a think and try to find songs that will inspire me. It could help me with my latest projects. I particularly like the Superman theme though as it I should very powerful. Same goes for Star Wars themes as well.


    • Kevin says:

      Hi Owain,

      I was growing up in the 80’s too. Of the themes I mentioned, Rocky was just barely before my time and a vaguely remember the original Superman and Raiders movies. I was pretty young for Raiders when it came out. But I gained an appreciation for the music in those (and many other) films later on. These are just a few examples of movie themes that get me going. I could easily come up with 10 or 15 more.

      The Star Wars themes are great, like you mentioned. That John Williams … unbelievable. He’s done a lot of my favourites. I also really like his suite for Jurassic Park and for the film Hook.

      I just find that those movie themes evoke so much emotion that they help with positive visualizations.

      Thanks for your comments!


  • Jana Perkins says:

    I do this alot during my bad days. My husband doesn’t understand why I like certain songs and I tell him its because I listen to the music and the words not just the beat. Music has so many purposes that people do not realize.
    Music can make a person sad, happy, angry, irritated, calm, ect. Even religious books like the Bible speak highly of music and its influence. I use music as a calming and get happy method. I liked all the choices above and I can see how they help you everyday.

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Jana,
      Thanks for your comments. That’s well said. I’ve always found music to be overwhelmingly effective at amplifying or creating an emotional response. It sounds like you have, too.
      Wishing you well,

  • Rair says:

    Great Post Kevin,
    I was Sci-Fi movie fan since a child, I would love if you list Some of soundtrack from The movie Lord of the ring, such as Concerning Hobbits or The Breaking of fellowships, those were masterpiece of music. I liked your awesome list of soundtrack from these movies. I would definitely listen it. Man of steel theme song and Pirate of Caribbeans were great choice.
    When you imagine something, you are creating something as Rhonda Byrne said in her book The Secret, Her book inspired me to live with imagination, Back in 3 4 years ago I used to meditate and the yoga teacher said us that great Scientists and thinkers like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking used more brain and power of imagination for their huge success in their fields. I always felt like music is a healing process and with the help of music imagination reach new heights. personally i love piano music but frequently i also listen to movie theme. Anyway Great post and definitively helpful and inspiring.


    • Kevin says:

      Hi Rajesh,
      Thanks very much for your time and thoughtful comments. I also watched The Secret a few years ago, likely around the same time that you did, and things began to change for me, too.
      Like you, I love piano music too. In fact, I’ll listen to and enjoy almost any kind of music if it comes from the heart. I love what you shared about music helping “imagination to reach new heights.” That’s really well said!
      I’ll have to watch (and listen to) the movies you’ve mentioned. I confess I’ve never seen the Lord of the Rings films. I’m not sure why. I’ll make sure to enjoy those this winter.
      Thanks again for your remarks & encouragement. I’m grateful.
      All the best,

  • Stephanie says:

    I love all of the movies you featured here. I agree that the movie Rocky is a great film, but there is too much violence, as you said. I enjoyed reading your story in the Superman section about how you decided to stop drinking alcohol for good and the “S” in superman to you stood for “sober”. I like that. Way to go! And I love Pirates of the Caribbean opening song too. It is great how music can help motivate us when we are feeling down and do not wish to accomplish anything.

    Thank you for such an awesome website about using music and movies to get us up and going….and working towards our goals in life.

  • Nick Hoyt says:

    That is such a great idea! I’ve been reading about visualizations and affirmations a lot lately, but I’ve never heard anyone say that you can add music to it to make it more powerful.

    It makes a lot of sense though when you think about it, since music has been shown to affect people’s emotions in a very real way. I think I’m going to try it out with some of the songs you’ve recommended.

    And speaking of John Williams, I’ll probably throw in the Star Wars main theme! I’m totally into that series and have always loved the music. Plus the hero’s tale in that story of Luke Skywalker overcoming all odds to save the galaxy.


    • Kevin says:

      Hey Nick!
      I agree with you about the Star Wars theme. Pretty much anything in that series is absolutely brilliant. Williams is just incredible.
      Thanks for your visit and kind words!
      Best wishes,

  • Kurtis says:

    I like the Man of Steel soundtrack. It starts off almost dark and ominous. It kicks up and really gets your heart going for sure. Did you know that on Spotify there is a superhero playlist? It has songs from Marvel and DC. I won’t lie, sometimes I am in the gym listening to the Capitan American soundtrack pretending I’m training to save the world!

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Kurtis,
      That’s awesome that you put that music on at the gym! I have lots of music like that I’ll use when I’m working out. It works! Lol.
      I didn’t know about the Spotify playlist. Thanks for letting me know!
      Best wishes

  • Marlaine says:

    Music certainly speaks to the soul, doesn’t it? And age doesn’t seem to matter, as I’ve witnessed with my children. Certain songs and albums make them CRAZY, certain ones inspire them to creativity, and certain ones make them want to cuddle. 🙂
    Although the aren’t movie theme songs, I myself do have some songs that when I hear them, I feel like smiling – no matter how rough the day is going, hearing them make my day feel instantly better. They are “The Fishing Stream” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love” – both by Jon Schmidt (currently of The Piano Guys). “The Fishing Stream” is the most soothing piece I’ve ever heard – on a stressful day, it calms me down instantly. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” in the song that my husband and I claim as “our song”. It’ll always be a favorite.
    Very interesting post, and great song choices! I enjoyed them!

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Marlaine,
      Thanks for sharing those stories with me! I love that you have a deep connection to certain songs. So do I. And my kids are the same as yours: they love music, and it’s always fun to see what they respond to and what they don’t. I’m often surprised.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving some comments. I’m grateful.
      Best wishes,

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