Want to create better social media posts? Avoid these lazy phrases.

We refer to them as “advertising cliches.”

  • Hurry!
  • Rush!
  • Act now!
  • For a limited time!
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Check it out!
  • We won’t be undersold!
  • Now is the time to buy!

When we hear that stuff, honestly, we’re thinking you’re really not even trying. We know it sounds like marketing, but that’s because it’s what everybody else is saying.

But the common factor that all of these businesses have is that the people inside them are overwhelmed. Because of that, the marketing messaging gets put in the sort of “just get it done pile.”

So then they rush to try to get something out (on their social media) and look around at what other people are doing and then they try to put something out that, well, sounds like “marketing.”

But do phrases like that really speak to who you are, how you can help people, what problems you’re solving, what makes you unique and why you do what you do?

At the very least, try to mix in some of those things, and turn the volume down a little bit on the advertising cliches. Because those lazy phrases are just white noise for people. It’s worse than off-putting; it’s something that people completely ignore. And you deserve to be communicated much better than that.

Want help with it?

We have several recorded coaching sessions available to help you with this kind of thing, including:

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