Are You Relying on Co-op Dollars For Your Online Marketing?

Keep this in mind when it comes to your social media.

Co-op is a really interesting one because it can clearly be a valuable tool for a lot of industries. It supplements your advertising expenditure but it can also be a real challenge in terms of creating and sharing a marketing message that is relatable to real people. I’d argue it actually makes it harder to create any kind of real emotional connection to the business itself because co-op money is more often about manufacturer-based offers that are available at a lot of other places.

The clearest example is with local car dealerships where they’ll get co-op money from their vehicle brand manufacturer. But in order to collect that money to supplement their ad budget, they’ve usually got to mention certain things a certain number of times in very specific ways.

The things they have to mention are largely commodity and terms-and-conditions-based details. Not only is it most often pretty generic stuff that people can hear or get or see from a lot of other retailers, but it rarely speaks to why someone should look to you for that particular commodity.

These days, that same old marketing language is being translated over from radio and TV onto online platforms like Facebook. And it’s a concern.

It’s a concern because, from a broader perspective, it almost seems like these industries are training their customers to be ready to be “Amazoned.”

What we mean by “Amazoned” (or the Amazon Effect) is that if the name of the vehicle, price, terms and the conditions are all pretty much the same message from any one of the different retailers, then what do I need you for you for?

How long before the customer experience will essentially be “Click-Click-Done?”

By all means take the co-op dollars and put them to good use. But also make use of tools like social media messaging, where you can just have organic, very human and relatable conversations to talk about why I would look to get that that commodity from you.

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