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“Band Aids” – Treating Symptoms Instead Of Causes

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Band Aids | Kevin Bulmer Footsteps Video BlogTranscript: It used to be, in days gone by, you’d see people  have little pieces of string tied around one of their fingers, and they’d leave it there as a reminder for something that they didn’t want to forget later in the day. It seems funny now; we’ve got cellphones and beeps and boops and different gadgets to help us with stuff like that.

But one thing that you do still see people wrap around their finger from time to time are Band-Aids. Now one of the key differences is that they don’t go on until we’re already in pain, but like strings, Band-Aids serve as a reminder too, but in their case I think they are reminders of much deeper issues that I hope we’re just about ready to start being more honest about.

What do we think of when we hear a phrase like “Band-Aid?” I’ve even got one on my thumb right now; it’s a little bit sore, and maybe there’s your answer. You might say, “Well Kevin, a Band-Aid is just something that you throw on top of a cut, or you use to cover up a scrape, try to heal the pain.” But you don’t turn to something like a Band-Aid until there’s been some sort of damage that’s already been done.

Have you ever considered how many things that we just accept as normal parts of everyday life that are kind of like Band-Aids in a way, but related to other areas? I’ll give you some examples.

Could I not argue that the next job is in a way a bit of a Band-Aid from the last job where you didn’t like the boss, or they didn’t really understand you, they didn’t value you, they didn’t appreciate you, you were underpaid?

Or the next relationship, at least initially, is a bit of a Band-Aid for the last relationship, where he or she wouldn’t communicate. Again, they didn’t really “get” you, didn’t appreciate you, weren’t fully committed, or whatever the case might be.

Or maybe at the end of the day when you go home and all those little “cuts” that have happened, things didn’t go your way. I don’t know about you, but for a lot of years I dealt with that with a Band-Aid of having a few beers, maybe making some food choices that I wasn’t really all that happy about, or turning to some other distractions, which aren’t really a big deal here and there, but when we turn to them all the time …

If you’ve always got a Band-Aid wrapped around your finger, that maybe tells a bit more of a story. I wonder what it would be like if, with any of those things, we stopped and took a more proactive view and thought, “I wonder why I have to keep throwing Band-Aids on these situations?” And, “What might be a way that I could attack the cause as opposed to tossing something on top of the symptom after it’s already there?”

What would life be like if we were more like that? And what would the Band-Aid manufacturers think of that? That’s another commentary for somebody else to do another day, but I’ve gotta tell you … I’d love to find out.

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