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“Behind the Mask” – Who’s The Real You

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Behind the Mask - Which Face is More True To The REAL You? | Kevin Bulmer Video BlogTranscript: “Hi, I’m the Batman for”

Doesn’t really work does it?

Okay, you got me. It’s just a mask. Halloween’s coming up, and we’re having a little bit of fun, but what if I told you that your own face was a mask in its own kind of way too?

Putting the Batman mask on, it tells me that I’m free to explore fun and creativity and imagination, and express some of the things and live out, even in this older adult type body, some of the things that used to excite me when I was a little kid. When I’ve got this mask on (the Batman mask), I feel like it’s okay to do that.

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Now this is the mask (my real face) that people see everyday. It says to people, “Everything’s okay, I don’t have anything to worry about, I don’t have any questions, and I don’t feel like I need to ask any, and that I’m okay with how things are, and that I’m fine with my place in the world, relative to all the other people that I’m seeing around me and that I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.” That’s what this mask says.

But I’d like to ask you, why do you think that cosplay and Halloween and some of these other kinds of things have become so popular? People love them so much and put so much time and energy into being in costume and expressing that part of their personality. Are they more themselves when they’re like this (with the Batman mask on), or when they’re like this (without the mask)?

Do you see the irony here? Why has cosplay become so enormously popular? Why has Halloween exploded as to one of the largest retail times of the year, and so many people enjoy getting dressed up and portraying their favorite characters?

Could it be that people’s true essence and personality and sense of wonder and sense of play, and that inner childlike attitude, feel safe to come out when you’re wearing something like this (Batman mask) and you look around and other people are doing the same thing?

Is it any different to wear a sports jersey with another person’s name and number on your back?

Is it any different dressing up in a business suit? Is that any less of a mask or a projection of a persona?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could feel equally comfortable, able and wanting to celebrate and act like who we really are and how we want to express fun and play onto our lives, not just with something like the Batman mask on, but without any mask too?

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