Why would you want to know how to go viral with your social media posts?

Ultimately, you want sustainable results for your business, don’t you? If so, there’s a more predictable way of doing it.

And yet it seems like everybody talks about how to go viral, and we get asked about it all the time.

Here’s what I would tell them:

Stop thinking of it like buying lottery tickets. Start thinking of it as dropping seeds in the ground over and over and over again.

When you’re buying lottery tickets, you’re hoping and praying without a plan. But when you’re consistently and strategically dropping seeds into the soil, your crops can’t help but come up eventually.

When I was in the radio industry, I would encounter business owners and managers who wanted to buy an ad campaign and then they’d think that it would be the home run that they were going to hit; that people were going to flood inside their doors after that and that all of their problems would be over forever.

Sorry, but it doesn’t work like that. Very few things work like that.

Now I’m seeing business owners treat their social media the same way.

That always seemed like a “lottery ticket” mentality to me, as opposed to having the strategy of consistently and constantly dropping the seeds into the ground. Just build that habit and get into that routine and adjust accordingly as you go. Do that, and success is going to find you. It’s inevitable.

But you’ve got to do the work.

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