Want to know how to make social media more effective?

For starters, see if you’re even speaking in the same “language” of your potential customers.

We’re all guilty, to some extent, of burying our essential message inside what I call “industry jargon.” Listen and watch for it and you’ll see that almost all of us do it.

Almost every industry (and the people inside those industries) has a certain way of speaking, a way of referring to very specific procedures, products, terms, conditions that are directly related to those industries. It’s how we talk inside our circles of those kinds of businesses, but it’s not how the people that we’re trying to reach talk. They don’t use that same language. We’re trying to connect with them using our own industry jargon.

If we want to know how to make social media more effective for us, we’ve got to bridge that gap between the “industry jargon” we so often use and the way that human beings actually talk.

Think of it this way: If you were trying to connect with someone who spoke French, would you do your ad and your social posts in English?

Have a look to make sure that you’re not speaking an entirely different language than the people you’re trying to reach.

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