Podcast interview with author & entertainer, David Carruthers.

David Carruthers is an author, entertainer, motivational speaker and the co-founder of Your House Social Enterprise, a creative ‘Social Purpose Corporation’ whose goal is to motivate kids and youth through books, shows, festivals, multicultural events, inspirational and educational programs, documentaries and movies all under one roof.

David has written many beloved children’s books including “Gordie the Golf Ball,” “Fat Cat, Fat Cat,” “The Bird That Wanted to Fly” and “I Wonder,” among many others.

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In this conversation, David described the “three L’s” he lives by: look, listening and live, what they all mean to him and how they’ve helped him. He also shared about what a social enterprise is and how his involvement with Your House is helping him to achieve his goal of helping millions of kids.

David also addressed some common misconceptions about published writers and creative types while also sharing an interesting history of how his stories come to be.

Anyone interested in writing and/or having their own stories published will enjoy hearing David describe the process of bringing books like “The Bird That Wanted to Fly,” “The Candy Dragon” and “The Skinny Hippo” to life.

David’s story is also a great example fo anyone trying to shield themselves from the doubt and negativity that can sometimes come from others who don’t share the same vision. He calls them “Negative Nellies” and he shared openly about how he’s handled such encounters in his own journey.

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