Want To Craft An Effective Social Media Strategy? Think Of It This Way.

Think about it like a baseball game, and stop trying to hit a home run with every ad or social post. Instead, start spraying some singles around. Take a walk or two. Get a few runners on base. And then when you do have something that clicks a little bit more (a post or ad that sees more engagement than usual), the impact of that is going to be so much bigger.

In baseball terms, they’d call it “shortening your swing” a little bit. Just get in the habit of being more consistent rather than constantly trying to drop bombs.

Home run swings look like this:

“Our biggest sales event of the year!”

“Hurry! Rush! Act now!”

People don’t want to hear that all the time. They want to be ready when they’re ready.

Think of social media more like a conversation than an advertising platform. Just be more consistently conversational and you’ll find that you’re going to have better results.


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