Chances are, you’re wasting money with marketing (social media or otherwise). Here’s how.

The number one way most businesses are wasting money with marketing is that they buy a “megaphone” before having any idea what they want to say with it.

It intimidates a lot of people, especially in small to mid-size business, because so much of the talk and the teaching is about the distribution channel (the “megaphone”). And the challenge is only getting worse with all of the different choices and channels available in the online world, added to what still exists in the traditional media and marketing world (radio, TV, outdoor advertising, etc.).

Here’s the thing:

If the message doesn’t connect, the delivery method hardly matters.

Empty nonsense like “Don’t miss out” sucks on Facebook just as much as it sucks on the radio.

Vague, generic messaging like “we offer the best in price, quality and service” is just as ineffective on Instagram or Google as it is on television.

And yet, so many are searching for that “magic bullet” of impressions they can buy with the latest, greatest distribution channel without yet having anything unique, interesting or engaging to say.

Why buy the megaphone before you know what you want to say with it?

Your message matters most. Get that figured out first, otherwise you’re just wasting time and money, making more noise.

And you deserve better than that.

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