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The Cold Truth About Change

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The Cold Truth About Change | Kevin Bulmer Personal Development Video BlogHey man, this cold is really cramping my style! I feel I should be able to come outside when I want and enjoy being in my shorts and T-shirt and be comfortable. I disagree with all this snow and cold. So if you were me, what do you think I should do about it?

Well, it seems obvious: I should just leave myself exactly the way that I am and then go about changing all this weather and getting rid of all this snow. Then I’ll be happy.

Won’t I?

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If you think this isn’t really about weather, you’re right. But indulge me for a moment.

Let’s say that it is about cold and warm. If you were cold, like I am now, what would you want to focus on and do to get warm? Well you could stand here and crank and complain about the cold, and then what would happen is you’d still be cold, but then you’d be angry and irritated too.

Or, you could focus on getting warm. Then you’ve got choices. You might not necessarily love the choices, but that doesn’t change the fact they’re still choices.

For instance, I could put on some boots. Maybe some gloves. How about a balaclava, or a toque, pants or a jacket? Do that, and l’m warm without changing a single other thing around me.

Even better, by focusing on getting warm, I’m then equipped to go a little bit further. I could maybe start a little bonfire and spread a little bit more warmth and shine a little light. That might just do a little something to attract more good company and people who are looking for the same warmth that I am.

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