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The Elephant & The Hourglass – The Art of Embracing Impermanence

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“The Elephant & The Hourglass” - The Art Of Embracing Impermanence | Kevin BulmerPlease gather round beside me
I’ll give a little class

And I’ll share a little story
Of the elephant and the hourglass

One’s stature is imposing
It’s heavy, slow and strong

The other keeps the meter
Gently ticking all along

One seems almost immovable
Impossible to face

The other passes quietly
At a sure and steady pace

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One plainly stands before us
We feign at unaware

But to pretend is foolish folly
We both know that it’s there

Ah, but ignorance is easier
An artificial bliss

Better that than to acknowledge
Anything could be amiss

So out of sight and mind
The elephant’s at play

It grows and gains momentum
While we hope it goes away

But by times it just gets bigger
A harbinger of doom

And it’s tougher to ignore
The elephant that’s in the room

Meanwhile, the sand slips silently
As time is want to do

The unforgiving hourglass
It will not wait for you

Each moment as it passes
Leaves us never to return

And the elephant awaits
Like a lesson yet unlearned

Then for some, a sign appears
Reminding of reality.

A little closer, the horizon
Of our own mortality

And so summoned into action
We examine life’s design

And a hard look in the mirror
Tells us everything’s not fine

So much hope in expectation
Of a memory’s replay

Or the wish of duplication
Of what others have to say

But another’s path is theirs to walk
And purpose theirs to know

It’s likely that we follow those
Who don’t know where to go

The task as yet awaiting
Finds there’s no place left to hide

The path around the elephant
Is yours now to decide

Sometimes the choice is forced
Upon an unsuspecting heart

A devastated soul
That does not know where to start

How does one rise from the ashes
While anticipating gloom

And all resulting wreckage
From elephants in the room?

For the tasks left unattended
Have now magnified their scale

It’s a total renovation
That awaits behind the veil

But the time ticks cruelly onward.
Unperturbed, the hourglass

It cares not if you start
Or let another moment pass

Yet again it’s up to you
As we all reap what we sow

You may gently face the elephant
Or blindly let it grow

Let’s suppose you choose the former
And then wonder what to do

In our culture, there are ready-made
Solutions there for you

But beware and be reminded
This is your life to decide

There’s no quick and easy place
To put your elephants to hide

Take the path of most resistance
And the lesser traveled road

For a time, you’ll feel your life
Has turned from prince into a toad

But the things that serve us best
And the choices that are wise

Are to know what looks like weakness
Is real strength but in disguise

To forgive ourselves and others
a most powerful delight

That you will never know
Always having to be right

The elephant exists
As you allowed for it to be

And so it is to be met
With respect and empathy

But be warned, the elephant may not
See this the same as you

But the hourglass is running
There is just one thing to do

Life is short or so they say
But it’s long enough to know

If The Hourglass has sand
Then there remains the time to grow

Time is relative, it works with you
When optioned honestly

But time denying truth
Vanishes almost instantly

So take your time, there is no need
To rush or zip or zoom

The healing starts with naming
The elephants in the room

And if you’d like a little help
With and a supportive vibe

I know a special place
And it’s called The Turtle Tribe

It’s where healing hearts empower
And they all collaborate

To celebrate each other
Encourage and create

The welcome matt’s extended
The light is always on

It’s a tribe that has a knack
For turning darkness into dawn

So visit if you wish to
And stay there if you choose

For when you live authentically
You’ve not a thing to lose

Either way, just please remember
As we dismiss this class

You cannot escape either
The elephant or hourglass …

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