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The Laziest Phrase In Local Marketing?

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Is there anything in your marketing messages that makes an effort to get inside the mind of your customer?

Every time I open up my Facebook feed recently, I get served a re-targeted ad from a local Ford dealer. Here’s what it says:

“Check out the latest offers on 2019 F-150, Escape, and Edge. Contact XYZ Ford to connect with a salesperson.”

My reaction:


WHY would I want to “check it out?”

Those three words – “check it out” – strike me as pretty much the laziest phrase in local marketing. To me, it says, “Just do what I want you to do without me having to put any thought or effort into why you might care. Just check it out.”

I don’t mean to criticize. It’s just an example of the kind of thing I see all the time, and it’s too bad. It’s just noise. Expensive, ineffective noise.

If you’re going to pay Mark Zuckerberg to keep an ad front-and-centre in my Facebook feed, could you put at least one reason why an actual human being (potential customer) might care?

WHY might I like an F-150?

What’s the appeal of an Escape?

What kind of lifestyle is an Edge suited for?

What is just ONE example of pleasure it might bring me or pain it might resolve beyond price, price, price?

I likely only notice these ads because I’m looking for them. I get re-targeted because I visit the websites and social pages as part of my role as a consultant and coach, which is what tells me that they all look the same.

It’s my hope that this example will help you think through what you’re saying with your own marketing messages. Get in touch if you’d like another set of eyes on your messages/ads/posts/web text to see if they stand out and connect. Your time and money are too valuable for them to be blending in.

And by the way, here is one thing I almost never see from any local automotive dealer advertiser:

A human face.

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