How To Improve Your Social Media Presence Without Spending More

To us, it’s obvious:

Message matters most.

Why? Because every time we have the opportunity to share any kind of message about who we are and what we do, it’s an opportunity to further shape the brand story that we want to embed in the minds and the hearts of the people that we’re trying to reach.

By “brand story,” we mean: what we want people to think and feel when they come across our business.

If we don’t shape story that message by message, then people will do one of two things:

  1. They’ll make it up (and in that case, most likely they’ll just lump us in with all of the other businesses in the same industry category).
  2. They’ll ignore us. They’ll simply tune us out because what we’re saying doesn’t mean anything to them specifically.

Sales offers and “calls to action” from time-to-time necessary and appropriate, of course. Buts constant streams of sales offers don’t shape an emotional feeling or connection to a brand story.

To the contrary, they often do the opposite.

What do we mean by “message?”

When we say “message,” we mean any instance at all when we are trying to communicate about who we are and what we do.

A few examples of what it could be include:

  • A social media post.
  • A traditional kind of a TV, radio, or print ad.
  • A trade show display.
  • A standup banner
  • The way our website looks
  • The text on our website.
  • Email that we send.
  • The way our business cards look.
  • The way that we interact with each other, answer the phone, talk to our customer.

These are all potential messages and every single one is an opportunity to shape the story of how we want to be perceived by the people that we’re trying to reach. If we don’t view every single one of those as an opportunity, we’re just throwing away a lot of opportunity.

It’s so obvious that most in small-to-midsize business overlook it. But if you want a way to improve your social media without spending more, put some attention to what messages you’re sending and sharing.

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