Podcast interview with Bob Parker, creator of the Pit Crew Challenge

Creating the Pit Crew Challenge - Bob Parker | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 30What does a NASCAR-style pit crew changing tires have to do with high-performing business culture? Quite a lot, as it turns out, and Bob Parker is the man who puts people – quite literally – into the action to discover that for themselves.

Bob is a Speaker, Experience leader, Management Consultant & Facilitator and Author of “The Pit Crew Challenge: Winning Customers Through Teaming.” The Pit Crew Challenge also serves as the name of Bob’s benchmark program for the last many years, a metaphorical learning experience that builds high-performing cultures leading to greater efficiencies. He does this by bringing an actual late model (NASCAR-style) race car to people.

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At the time that we produced this episode, Bob and his team have put over 16,000 people through the Pit Crew Challenge, changing well beyond 155,000 wheel nuts in the process, traveling all over North America and around the world.

Bob also is the man behind the brand “Walk on Wet Paint,” a really neat idea that helps encourage people to help break free from their constraints, real or perceived.

Key Takeaways From Bob:

  1. The idea of culture as opposed to “team-building.”
  2. The importance of failing.
  3. The effect of just one loose lug nut. Just one lug nut (or wheel nut) being the slightest bit loose will magnify itself over time into a bad vibration. And that’ll cost you, on the race track, in business and in life.

It was a lot of fun to get back into talking about some of this racing stuff. It reminded me of what drew me into that business to begin with, so many years ago. Enjoy!

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  • rebecca kosmidou says:

    Wow, Kevin! You should be having a lot of fun doing these episodes! The message of them though there is no fun at all! It is very serious! Thank you for sharing this! It made me feel a better person!
    Best wishes,

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Rebecca!
      Thanks for your note. I’m not sure how to respond to it, though. Lol. I can assure you it’s lots of fun! While it may sound, or look, serious, it’s meant to be helpful and fun. Talking to Bob about bringing an actual race car around to “serious” business people all over the world was LOTS of fun 🙂
      Wishing you all the best!

  • Furkan says:

    After Bob Parker makes great points about the subject and I agree that giving some experiences is really great way to make people engage with the subject. I actually try it in my writings as well. But I think that it is harder to do it in online world. Do you agree Kevin?

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Furkan,
      Yeah, that’s a challenge. Whenever you’re not actually with people, it’s tougher to know if you’re really engaging or not. But I think it’s great that that’s what you’re aiming for. It’s working for me, anyway. As you know, I love your site!
      Keep on swinging!

  • Edwin P. says:

    Hi Kevin, what an amazing post and podcast very informative, i want to congratulate you for what you are dong, not many people are good speakers (me for example), i can hear you know a lot about what you are talking and even take the time to make an interview for us to learn more, i know you will keep up the good work and i wish you a succesful 2017, Greetings.

    • Kevin says:

      Thank you, Edwin! Those are very kind things to say and I deeply appreciate it.
      Wishing you the best as well,

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