Finding Who You Really Are vs The Role You Play – Andre Radmall | No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 52 -

Finding Who You Really Are vs The Role You Play – Andre Radmall | No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 52

Finding Who You Really Are vs The Role You Play – Andre Radmall | No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 52The question today is …

Who are you?

Do you know who know who you really are, and if so, are you living from that each day … or just playing a role?

Or … if you’re like today’s guests, you may be able to do both.

A self-described “student of transformation,” Andre Radmall is a registered psychotherapist (UKCP, BUPA) and life coach based in London England with over twenty years experience working for the Priory Hospital, London School of Theology and in private practice. Andre is also an international speaker and trainer who combines his drama and therapy experience to offer a unique approach to business coaching (he gives us some terrific examples of this during our discussion). Andre is the author of the books “Insight Into Addiction” and “Holistic Health”

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Andre has a unique approach that has grown out of more than twenty years of helping people change. Over the years, he realized that one big reason for people getting stuck in habits of addiction, stress or eating disorders was the way they saw themselves. He came to see that people are much more likely to fall into stress, addiction or a bad relationship when they don’t know who they are. When people start to see themselves more clearly they start to change the story about who they are and what they can do. This is a change that transforms people emotionally, behaviourally, cognitively and spiritually. I have come to describe this change as “rewriting the book of our lives.”

My imagination came alive as I spoke to Andre. What he shared both made perfect sense and struck me as something I’d never quite heard in the same way before. I was really interested in some of Andre’s observations about some universal ideas/principles of self-discovery, performance and music. I thought about them for quite a while even after our discussion had concluded.

His way of using theatre to help people step both out of – and into – themselves is inspired.

Some of the key things I took from my time with Andre included:

  1. The Power of a Name – For both good and not-as-good … His story about going from “William” to “Andre” is powerful. I wonder what other names, labels, ideas or stories we may be putting upon ourselves to define our sense of worth but don’t really describe WHO we really are??
  2. Monologue to Dialogue – As Andre notes, being stuck in a monologue takes its toll on the imagination, and therefore can be very limiting. Monologues see people trapped in a perspective and not open to change. Dialogues are like dance. Which sounds most familiar to you?
  3. Letting Go to Receive – This is one of many paradoxical concepts we discuss. This describes his transformational shift in theatre – when he learned to relax and let go – he said he was “taking his eyes off of me.”

We also talked about Performance as an act of Vulnerability & Service – many performers being introverts and, yes, may have some ego but many others find it to be an incredible act of bravery to share. Andre’s nod toward viewing it as service is very interesting.

I really think you’re going to enjoy listening to Andre tell his story.

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Comments: Are You Playing a Role?

It took my life to collapse before I realized that all of the names I had attached to myself, like “husband,” “homeowner,” “business owner” and “songwriter” didn’t mean anything after they all went away and I was left with just plain old “Kevin.” Only then did I begin to discover and embrace who I really am. What about you?

Please add your thoughts to the Comments Section, below.

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8 Responses to “Finding Who You Really Are vs The Role You Play – Andre Radmall | No Schedule Man Podcast, Ep. 52

  • Linda Watson
    3 years ago

    Really enjoyed reading and listening to Andre’s story. This also can explain why teenagers are getting anxiety and depression in greater numbers. They don’t know who they are and are so susceptible to others labels for them. Very interesting information. I found it particularly powerful the act of sharing. Having two kids who are performers, I can understand that duty to share. Looking forward to more posts!

    • Well said! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, Linda. Much appreciated.
      Best wishes,

  • Steve D'Agostino
    3 years ago

    What a cool concept, Andre. My father (Phil D’Agostino) is a motivational speaker and trainer, using his experience as a therapist and conflict resolution expert to help others make the shift from “being very good” to “becoming truly great”. As such, I’ve grown up hearing many similar concepts to what you are talking about, although it is definitely interesting to hear another’s perspective. You are very astute and lend a great deal of experience, and I was quite pleased to find this post. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Steve. Your father sounds like quite an interesting guy! Thank you for sharing a little bit about him, and for your kind words.
      Best wishes,

  • Mamasir
    3 years ago

    Hey Kevin – Excellent article and I would like to hear more of it. It is about knowing who we are with in and outside, all these days I never had this coming up in my mind but this will give me a great boost up in my life and career going forward. I would also like to bookmark this page to show it to my friends as this is gonna bring more new improvement with in his self. Thanks and keep well 🙂

    • Hi Mamasir,
      Thanks for your kind words. I wish you all the best in your journey and welcome you here any time.
      Best wishes,

  • Kevin McNamara
    3 years ago

    Hey Kev,

    Love your podcasts! Andre is an inspiring guy. So many people around the world have absolutely no clue who they are. As Andre says labels don’t define us they limit us. For me I discovered who I was through meditation. Going deeply within to find this inner peace and love that we have always had but we keep it hidden as the truth of who we are scares the hell out of us.

    I have family who are so fake. They are big drinkers and party goers and they are in their 50’s but they have this image of themselves that is nothing like who they are. My goal now is to get them to listen to this podcast!

    I loved him talking about letting go. For me that is a key. Dropping the resistance. Really great interview!


    • Thanks for the visit and the comments, Kev! That sounds tough, about your family. I used to be a drinker too but kicked that a couple years ago. Life is WAY better now.
      Keep up your great work with your site!

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