Podcast interview about how to build community online with Michel Neray of momondays

For anyone asking themselves how to build community online, this episode is a must-listen. What does “community” mean in this pandemic era anyway? How do we continue to cultivate it?

In this episode, Kevin and Michel Neray (the founder of momondays) discuss the challenges and opportunities of building community. They talk about creating genuine human connection online while the current pandemic keeps us from doing so in person. 

About Michel Neray

Michel Neray is a professional speaker, consultant and is the founder of momondays. He has helped thousands of individuals become more effective leaders, salespeople, coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers, and influencers of all types.

Michel combines a science degree from the University of Waterloo, an MBA from McGill University, and a career as a creative marketing copywriter. He’s also been an advertising agency director and marketing executive. A visionary and entrepreneurial game-changer, he created the world’s first online searchable directory of creative professionals (in 1995, before Google).

Michel co-authored The Great Crossover, which made it to Jack Canfield’s Achiever’s Recommended Reading List. He has spoken at conferences in more than eight countries worldwide. Michel founded momondays in 2012 as a monthly variety show that combines storytelling, comedy, and live music. Pre-Covid, there were up to 16 cities in Canada and the U.S. with live momondays events. Now, the movement is very much alive online at

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He’s Been Here Before

Michel has been a guest on the podcast once before, in Episode 55 (“Purposeful Storytelling”). If you’re looking to learn how to build community, go back and listen to Episode 55. You’ll learn more about how and why momondays was created. Michel also shared some very touching stories that are referenced in this new episode. One example is the tale of how his mother never lost sight of the love in the world. She never lost her sense of humor despite her first-hand experience as part of the holocaust.

In Episode 55, Michel also related some revelations he had about his father. Michel’s insights into what his father went through during his life is touching and thought-provoking. Give it a listen. Not only will it add a richer context to the discussion on how to build community, it stands as a very insightful conversation on its own.

How To Build Community

This episode includes some interesting discussion on the differences between “community” and “tribalism.” Michel gives many thoughtful examples of how “community” has the power to give people a voice without boundaries.

As Michel now builds the momondays community online, he does so with the mission to change hearts, change minds and change the world.

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