Podcast interview about how to let go of limitations with Susan Kovacs

How To Let Go Of Limitations – Susan Kovacs | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 56Why would we care so much about what other people think of us? What’s the process of learning how to let go of limitations?

Those questions hit me right between the eyes. I have been grappling with them on a daily basis the last couple of years. They’ve also confronted today’s guest, Susan Kovacs. Those questions have carried a lot of impact for her, especially because it  came out of the mind and mouth of her daughter.

Susan has walked a fascinating path. She has successfully learned how to let go of limitations. Listen to this conversation to discover what she’s been through and how she’s learned to transcend her limits.

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Susan Kovacs is known as the “Game Changer.” She coaches ambitious high performers and is an inspiring speaker who advocates that we have the ability to step into our greatness.

30 years after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and living those decades under the cloak of limitations suggested by both doctors and the disease, Susan competed in and completed her first triathlon. As you will hear as she describes her story, even deciding to try to do a triathlon, let alone completing one, was an enormous leap both physically and spiritually.

Anyone who has ever doubted themselves for any reason is going to love this conversation.

Anyone who has ever listened to an outside influence, be it a parent or doctor or teacher or co-worker, and labelled themselves as unable to do something from that point forward will most definitely be able to relate to Susan. I am completely confident that you will find her story incredibly uplifting.

Podcast highlights from Susan:

1. Identity vs authenticity and a question from her daughter – About a half hour into our discussion, Susan talked about how she recognized that so much of her identity was wrapped up in being a wife and mother and a people-pleaser. When her daughter asked her why she cared so much about what other people thought of her, she realized that she had an “identity” but that was not necessarily an accurate reflection of who she authentically.

2. Hitting “delete” on the self-talk tape – This, yet again, is a perspective on the importance of awareness, choice and mindset.

3. Focus on the process – Susan mentioned, “We get caught up in the outcome.” But when you can focus on each step of the journey, it will pull you into the present and you will enjoy it all a whole lot more.

I’m certain that you are going to love this story! Here is the conversation about how to let go of limitations with the “Game Changer,” Susan Kovacs.

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  • Emma says:

    This was a great podcast, i agree we need to focus on taking steps to our goals each day and we will get there. Too many people are wanting results immediately which is what makes them fail. I am also like that so i have learnt a lot from this podcast !

  • Courtney says:

    Wow I’ve not ever heard of Susan Kovacs before, I really enjoyed the video! Reminds me of some TedTalks I’ve seen in the past. I totally get what she’s saying about her “identity” – love her perspective on this! Great read, thanks for sharing!

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