Podcast interview with Doug Vincent of Rotary International

Learn to Do By Doing - Doug Vincent | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 43Doug Vincent is a Charter Member and Past President of the Woodstock-Oxford Rotary Club in Canada. He has traveled the world on Rotary humanitarian aid activities and is a Rotary Representative to the United Nations, among many, many other things.

As a third generation graduate of his family’s successful farm equipment business, he is now an international advisor to family business corporations, with a focus on harmony and communications in family business. His model for life seems pretty clear: learn to do by doing.

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Rotary’s Roving Ambassador

Doug is an honorary “Colonel” in the Philippine National Police, recognizing his role promoting global understanding, brotherhood & world peace. He has been recognized with several Leadership and Appreciation Awards for his work, including a President’s Citation and the prestigious Service Above Self award, among many others.  Most recently he was recognized as a distinguished Canadian with a special Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Doug is often called Rotary’s “Roving Ambassador.”  He is a kind, caring and compassionate man and the stories he tells in this episode are absolutely priceless.

A Friend & Mentor

I first met Doug only recently. and from our very first conversation, I was – and remain – grateful for the opportunity to share his company. As you’ll hear, Doug has a wealth of first-hand experience in a world which I am presently only just aspiring to, but he has never been anything but completely supportive, collaborative and encouraging to me. It’s people like Doug that make people like me want to become a better version of themselves and to work harder to make a positive difference.

During our conversation, Doug told a few stories that ran straight through my spirit. If you listen to nothing else in this episode, please at least take a moment and jump to the 60-minute mark of this episode to hear Doug’s observation of the “Water Turnover Ceremony.” The other tale I hope you’ll allow yourself to hear is the one Doug recalls near the very end of our conversation (at around 1:09:45) about wheelchair and the gentleman in Mexico, and how that story is indicative not just of the positive difference that can be made, but of just how much more of a difference could be made with very little extra effort.

Things will happen if it’s meant to happen and it will happen in the time it’s supposed to happen.

– Doug Vincent

Some highlights from the conversation with Doug include:

  1. Saying Yes To Life – Doug gives a powerful account of what led to his decision to say “yes” to more global engagements, and what caused him to make a commitment to himself of something he would do within 30 days of getting home after being unwell in another part of the world.
  2. Learn To Do By Doing – As Doug described his start in his own branch of the family business, “Rather than me going into a big business when I didn’t have big business skills, this allowed me to start from grassroots small business. And then my business skills grew at the same time as the business grew.” He shares many valuable insights along these lines, a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking for a succession plan for their existing business
  3. Understanding the Difference One Person Can Make – Doug recounts a moving story near the end of our discussion that truly gave me pause for consideration. He observed that, “I get really, really, really frustrated when people don’t see the difference they could make in a very simple way.” Each and every one of us has the opportunity to make a positive difference. And for each one of us who does, the bigger the collective difference we all make.

The smile of a child is my reward, quite frankly.

– Doug Vincent

Here is the conversation exploring the journey of Doug Vincent: Learn to do by doing.

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  • Furkan says:

    That story was amazing especially how they pray. Praise, which starts with “let us enjoy this water..”, is really emotional and clearly Doug Vincent is affected a lot by it. I mean who would not?
    After listening it, I understand that why he said “the smile of a child is my reward, quite frankly” and I think I will remember it for a long time.

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks for the note, Furkan. I agree, that’s a really moving story.
      Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to hear from you!
      Best wishes,

  • Summerly says:

    I used to work at my city’s convention center and every week there was a small lunch for the Rotary members, and I never really knew what they were but wanted to learn more. One thing though, they were all older males, not many young members and basically no females, do you know if females can join? I would like to become apart of something like this, I want to work in the humanitarian field and Rotary seems to be a great club in that area.
    Doug has accomplished so much, it is really inspiring, and it must be an honor to have some of those titles attached to his name. I like the water turnover ceremony story…the part where they basically say lets not be greedy and respect others who need this water…that reminds me of a prayer a group of school children did in Thailand before they ate their lunch, when I was there to volunteer. They basically said they will eat what is on their plate, not waste and not be greedy, as others do not have as much, meanwhile what they had wasn’t anything significant. That has just stuck with me…knowing people who don’t have much to begin with yet they still think of others and respect others and try not to be greedy, I think that’s a rule everyone should live by, but unfortunately that just isn’t the case.

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Summerly!
      Yes, I’ve known many female Rotary members but you touched on something that Doug mentioned to me is a real challenge for them: awareness and diversity in membership.
      Your story about the school children in Thailand is quite touching; an important lesson for us all.
      Many thanks for your visit and your comments
      Best wishes,

  • Devon says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Great article praising such an amazing individual. I’m a huge fan of self-discovery and being in the presence of unique souls and it sounds like Doug is one of those for you. It speaks to me. It reminds me of things my father told me growing up about learning by doing, being mindful, and going into each situation with my arms opened and ready for whatever life put in front of me. Saying yes. Thanks a lot Kevin for writing this.


  • Andrei says:

    Thanks Kevin!

    I never heard about Doug Vincent until I read your article. He sounds like a great guy. I will try to say “YES” to life more often. Thanks for introducing him to us! 😀 I will come back later in the evening to listen to the podcast and gain more wisdom!



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