Podcast interview about overcoming impossible odds with Steve Bottrill

Overcoming Impossible Odds - Steve Bottrill | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 113

If you’ve ever doubted yourself and want to believe again, join us for this episode about overcoming impossible odds.

At just 22 years old, Steve Bottrill was in a horrific car accident that left him on life support. He was in a coma for 10 days.

Steve now says that, while in the coma, he could hear the conversations the doctors were having with his parents. He heard them say he would never walk again or talk again. Steve could hear them say that he would be connected to machines his entire life. He was aware of the them saying he would never be 100% again, that he would never go back to school or play sports.

Steve says he could hear all of those conversations around him while he was in the coma. For some reason he was determined to prove them wrong.

In this episode, you’ll find out what happened, and how you can use the same spirit to overcome whatever challenge you’re looking to overcome.

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A Man Of Many Trades

Steve is an inspiring example to the rest of us. Despite having to re-learn how to walk, talk, read and write, he has written two books. “Overcoming Impossible Odds: The Steve Bottrill Story” and “The Greater Miracle: The Story Behind the Story” are both available now. Click here to get “Overcoming Impossible Odds” on Amazon.

In addition to being an author, Steve now operates a fitness company called Ease Into Fitness. Its focus is on exercise of all types for seniors. Through Ease Into Fitness, Steve helps seniors exercise and lead a better quality of life.

Steve also offers exercise videos called At Home Senior Fitness. The videos are broadcast on a local television station as well as on YouTube.  You’ll might also catch Steve hosting a local TV program called “YOURTV” where he interviews people from his community who are making a positive difference.

With a goal to inspire over a million people, Steve delivers keynote inspirational speeches for students, church groups and various other organizations. He also volunteers as a COVID screener for the Chatham-Kent health alliance.

Overcoming Impossible Odds

You’re sure to be inspired by what Steve shares in this episode. His description of his awareness of the time he spent in a coma is fascinating. It helps us to realize what his circumstances must really have been like and how far he has come.

Throughout the discussion, Steve gives examples of how he continued to take on one challenge after the other. He had to regain his eye sight, his ability to speak, walk and talk. As he gradually regained his independence, he only grew more determined. As Steve said, “Every day was a challenge.” More than 20 years after the accident, he has never stopped challenging himself in overcoming impossible odds.

Little Becomes Big

There are two things in particular we invite you to listen for. First, pay particular attention near the end when Steve answers Kevin’s question about what he feels it means for someone to be “inspired.” His genuine response is incredibly touching.

Second, consider the larger context around what Steve shared about doing the “small things.” He said, “As soon as you start giving up on the small things, it’s easier to give up on everything.” This story from Steve Bottrill is sure to inspire you to get started moving forward on the next small thing.

If you would like to get in touch with Steve directly, he asks that you email him at You can also connect with Steve on Instagram. His handle is @coma_to_inspiration

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