Podcast story of a stroke survivor with Carmi Levi

Story of a Stroke Survivor - Carmi Levy | Journeys with the No Schedule Man, Ep. 19Carmi Levy is a leading Canadian technology journalist and analyst. He provides insights into how technology is reshaping the way we work and live. He writes extensively for some of the leading publications in Canada, and is a frequent on-air contributor on radio and television when technology-related news needs additional perspective.

Basically, when a media outlet from somewhere across Canada wants to know about latest in technology, they call Carmi.

Carmi has a challenging task: he stays on top of an always-changing industry and does his best to make complex technologies seem simple for the rest of us. And he’s pretty darn good at that.

More than that, Carmi is a wonderful human being, one of the few that I see on a day-to-day basis that makes sure to acknowledge and appreciate the simple acts of others. A stroke survivor, Carmi has lived through some challenging times that forced him to look at things a little differently from that point on. His perspective is extremely valuable.

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Some key takeaways from my time with Carmi:

1. Gratitude. Carmi may be the best, among people I know, at naming and appreciating all the little things he likes, every single day. I admire and appreciate it and am trying to be more like him. It’s worth the effort.

2. Usability. It’s not what you have. It’s what you do with what you have that matters. I love what Carmi shared about this during our discussion. Listen for it. It will change your perspective on a number of levels.

3. Impermanence. It runs through everything we discussed, from the forever-changing technological landscape to the act of naming and appreciating all the good things as we go through life, As a stroke survivor, Carmi knows first-hand that things can change in an instant. Enjoy the Now. It’s a great lesson.

Here’s my conversation with Carmi Levy. It’s the story of a stroke survivor.

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  • Owain says:

    I am fascinated about technology. Not only how it all works but just how far we have come. I just wonder what new invention will come about and how technology will shape our lives in the future.

    I will check your podcast out shortly. Sounds exciting.

  • Lawrence says:


    So many gems to be taken away and apply from this post.

    I can’t explain how life changing this information is!

    Carmi sounds like an awesome guy.

    As always, fantastic content Kevin =)

    Thanks very much

    • Kevin says:

      Thank you, Lawrence. Yes, Carmi is a great person to talk to – a fine example of the kinds of things both you and I appreciate: mindfulness, gratitude, patience, cheerfulness. It was a treat to have him on the show.
      Best wishes as always,

  • Adrian Prince says:

    Carmi is quite an interesting guy, and sometimes it takes some challenge or adversity in our life to get us to put things in their proper perspective, when things are going well for us we don’t grow and learn as much as when we are faced with adversity. Usually we come out a much better person because we have learned to deal with a challenge in our life.

    So it is for Carmi, he must have been wondering will he ever get an opportunity to live normally again, thankfully he did but he has gained so much from this experience that he can teach others about it. I think it’s taught him the value of life and what you have and what you can do with it.

    I’ve enjoyed your post and the podcast, great work Kevin as usual.

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Adrian,
      Thanks for your comments. I agree: challenges in life present us with opportunities to learn and grow, however unwelcome they may be. That certainly has been the case for Carmi. He was lucky to get through it, but it’s been entirely his doing to have made the most of it. Any of us should aspire to do the same.
      All the best,

  • Jeremy says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Kevin, or I guess I should say Carmi. I’m always preaching to my wife to be grateful for what we have when she stresses about money. When I point out all the things we do have and we can do with them she always calms down, I just wish it wouldn’t have to get to that point. Great article!

    • Kevin says:

      Thanks Jeremy,
      I hope you and your wife can allow yourselves to see things differently but get on to the same page ultimately. I appreciate your time and comments.
      Best wishes,

  • Cary says:

    What a great post. I loved the Podcast! This was a real breath of fresh air. You and Carmi are fun together. I’m so glad to see and hear encouraging, uplifting and motivating media. Overcoming, new persprespective, just plain good stuff. Kudos to you interviewing good people sharing authentic stories. Carmi thanks for sharing your experience, stroke awareness and positive outlook on life and living. Keep it up guys! 🙂

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Cary,
      That’s very kind of you to say. thank you! I’ve looked at your site and really appreciate what you’re doing also. I encourage anyone looking here to click on your site link and show some support.
      Many thanks for your warm comments
      Be well,

  • Andy says:

    Wow, how inspiring! We do take a lot of things for granted and you just don’t realize it until you lose everything. Through perseverance and having gratitude for everything you have in your life can go a long way and Carmi proved that. Looks like I need to review things in my life and see what I’ve been taking for granted and start having more gratitude for them. I think everyone should do the same.

    Thanks for this great podcast!

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your kind remarks. What you described is something we can all work to improve, I think. I know I can!
      Wishing you well,

  • Furkan says:

    I always look for the big price end of my work until then, I feel never feel gratitude. I think my mind is goal oriented. I honestly try to change it, but I could not so far. I feel like I don’t enjoy the process until I am successful. What do you think I should do for feeling gratitude for small things?

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Furkan,
      I believe I know exactly what you mean, because I used to feel the same way.
      Awareness of what you just described is a great first step. You can’t change something if you’re not first aware of it.
      Next would be to make a habit out of identifying and naming things for which you’re grateful. By doing that, over time, you’ll find you see and appreciate more of it. For instance, I write down 3 things for which I’m grateful every single night before I go to sleep. They may be very simple things like, “time with my boys” or “health” or “a beautiful day.” I admit, some days, I think, “Gee – nothing big happened today.” And then I look around and see myself surrounded by a home, realize I have a job, food in the fridge, healthy kids … let’s not lose sight of those things! And when something extra-special is happening, I now find myself, right in that moment, thinking, “Wow – I’m lucky to be doing/having/experiencing this!”
      Try it, Furkan. It takes time. But it’s worth it. Otherwise, you’ll forever be chasing happiness. When you are goal-oriented, there is ALWAYS another mountain to climb. It’s an endless chase. So the secret is finding joy in the pursuit.
      Be well!

  • Umberto says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I am a software developer and I know how fast technologies changes.
    That’s why Carmi’s job is really challenging. Respect for him because it not easy to make simple complex technologies.
    Interesting article Kevin.
    Best wishes,

    • Kevin says:

      Thank you Umberto. I appreciate your encouragement. Carmi’s really terrific at what he does. I’m sure you are too!
      Wishing you well,

  • Stephanie says:

    Some great takeaways from the podcast Kevin, especially the points about gratitude and usability. I always try and be grateful for the things I have and make the most out of them…this post/podcast has encouraged me to continue to be more like that. Thanks for sharing the podcast and your thoughts. All the best!

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