Bryant Chambers is an entrepreneur, activist, speaker, musician, actor, producer, and life  & business coach. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his service leading soldiers in combat during his time in the military. He has also seen success in Fortune 500 Business, entrepreneurship, entertainment, and as a valued presence on social media. 

As Bryant said near the end of this interview, “I don’t care about much.” But it’s not that Bryant doesn’t care. He does. Deeply. It’s just that he’s pretty specific about what he feels is truly worth caring about.

Bryant’s no-nonsense approach as a personal and business coach has connected with millions of viewers online as he pursues his mission to accelerate human cognitive evolution (getting people to think better).

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In this lively conversation, we discussed why his relationship with his grandfather was so important, what drove him into the military and what that life was like. I also asked him what was the most difficult part of being in the military. His answer was not what I expected. 

Bryant shared about his transition away from military life and how he got into the corporate world and, eventually, entrepreneurship, as well as how coaching found him. 

We chatted  about his always-evolving presence on social media and his views about the pros and cons of social media platforms. 

We also explored what I thought was a really interesting conversation about the choice to be compassionate versus being irritated or impatient once you’ve experienced being on the brink of death as Bryant has. 

He left us with a truly profound thought that, if we were all to practice it a little bit more, would probably make the world a much different place. Listen to this conversation with Bryant Chambers. It will leave you with something worth caring about.

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