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1 Thing Sure to Take Down Google & Amazon … Eventually

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Feeding the Dinosaur | Kevin Bulmer Video BlogMy dinosaur friends and I (see video) were just having a little discussion about what it will be that will someday take down Google, or maybe make Amazon look irrelevant, or make what we currently view as “social media” seem quaint and out of date.

Now maybe you’re saying, “That’ll never happen,” to which we’d respond …

“You haven’t been paying very close attention, have you?”

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I should probably point out that my assistants here (the dinosaurs in the video) are not quite to scale. Ironically, I couldn’t find any real dinosaurs to work with, despite how mighty, powerful, and seemingly indestructible they were in their day, which kind of makes my point for me; it’s that change is absolutely inevitable.

Sometimes changes comes in cataclysmic fashion, like what took out our poor friend, Mr. T-Rex. But more often than not, it’s a process and one that we can see coming if we keep our heads up, our eyes open, and use just a little bit of common sense.

The cycle of creative change

Here’s basically what happens: First, somebody comes along with a creative vision and people think they’re a kook, a nut, a crazy person. That is until, of course, the “kook” actually creates their vision.

A short time after that, the new creation is just accepted, and the very people that had been criticizing said person to begin with go on to accept whatever it is that was created as the next greatest thing that, they suppose, will never be improved upon.

Except that while all of that is happening, there’s another creative person with another vision that people initially think is crazy. Despite what people think, that person keeps working to bring their vision to reality. A short time later, whatever they’ve created becomes accepted as the new, latest and greatest thing that will never be improved upon.

Over and over and over we see this cycle repeat itself throughout history.

The world’s not flat

See, it used to be just accepted that the world was flat, until, of course, that we found out that it’s not. But can you imagine how crazy people must have thought the first folks were that built the first sailing ships and actually had the courage to set out on the water in those things! Crazy!

That is, of course, until those people came back alive , and then it was just accepted that the sailing ship was the greatest thing since the kerosene lamp, and the best way to get from continent to continent until two other complete nut jobs came along and thought, “Well, hmm? What if we could actually get there … through the air?” Back then, people must have thought those guys were absolutely crazy, until, of course, they did it.

Not only did we get people up and traveling through the air, we travel around in outer space now. And I bet that we’re going to see a lot more of that in the not-too-distant future, and that we’ve probably barely even scratched the surface of what’s possible.

No matter how mighty, innovative or indestructible things seem to be, in time they will change.

So what to do about it? Well, by all means, be nice about it. Feed the dinosaurs; enjoy them while they’re here. But we’d be wise to plant some creative seeds and keep an open mind along the way.

If you think that the latest, greatest, mightiest thing going these days is somehow immune to the natural laws of change and impermanence, try telling that to these dinosaurs here.

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