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Reframing Setbacks To Live With Passion & Purpose – Mike Mulligan (Re-Release) | Journeys with the No Schedule ManThe question this week is, how do we keep moving after a major adversity strikes? How can we re-frame the setback to keep living with passion and purpose?

This week, I decided to revisit a discussion with Mike Mulligan, owner and founder of Moving Forward Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. Mike is one of the best examples of anyone I’ve ever met when it comes to choosing a positive mindset and empowering others.

In this conversation, which originally took place in February of 2016, Mike recalls the incident that left him a C4 quadriplegic at just 16 years of age, and the incredible journey in the time since as he strives to achieve his goal of walking again.

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Mike also takes us through the ups and downs of adjusting to a completely new way of life and challenging himself to move toward his goals despite the challenges. He vividly describes the highs of meeting certain milestones and personal goals and offers some valuable perspective for anyone looking to make improvements with their life and to pursue their dreams.

Mike Mulligan has become a great friend and inspiration to me over the years, and at the time of this episode’s re-release, I’d been working closely with March of Dimes Canada, an association Mike and I share. Having just been in Ottawa, Ontario to speak and serve as host for a March of Dimes conference, and with a similar role upcoming in Toronto, Ontario, Mike was on my mind. And since Mike’s story was shared so early in the development of this podcast, I felt like this would be a perfect time to re-release it now that the podcast’s name has change and distribution has significantly expanded.

This is a powerful story from a very genuine and wonderful human being. I am certain that you will draw strength from the heart, vulnerability and courage of my friend, Mike Mulligan.

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